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79-83 Trekker 



Trekker bed sides  coming soon !!

outer rear hatch trim panel    $155.00 ea.


     Stock style fenders      $198.00 ea.


custom "smoothie "  Valance  (fits with stock style fenders ONLY)   $155.00 ea.


hi-clearance fenders $253.00 ea


  door skins  $169.00 ea. install PDF


replacement Battery Tray $62.00 ea. 100% chemical resistant

L hand Battery Tray $62.00 ea. 100% chemical resistant

Roof Visor   $169.00 ea.


Rocker panels $85.00 ea.


  custom Dash $325.00 ea.


Trimmed to fit - hood scoop $130.00 ea.  install PDF


  Inner hatch trim   $155.00 ea.


/82-/83 front bumper + filler panel

filler panel    $125.00 ea.

bumper NO hardware NO holes  $155.00 ea.

bumper ends $65.00 ea.

bumper ends painted satin black $95.00 ea.

holes drilled for stock set up $250.00 ea.ends and hardware not included

    ^  Add chrome wrap                 $280.00 ea.


    ^  Add stainless mount hardware (11) $22.00 set


assembled pictures with all accessories


/79-/81 front bumper 4WD - Coming Soon !

+ Filler panel



  Hinge gaskets $5.00 ea.

 hinges $40.00 ea.


Rear hatch


  replacement topper    $1330.00 ea.


custom inner kick panels  $40.00 ea.




Rear Window buttons


U-bolts (including nuts and washers)  $15.00 ea.

Grill Clips $2.00 ea.

windshield washer hose hood clips  $2.50 ea.

hood to Rad support seal clips $1.00 ea.

hood prop rod clip $3.00 ea.

screw clips $1.00 ea.

Carb'ed air cleaner wing nut  $5.00 ea.


Windshield and Weatherstrip

$90.00 ea.


$199.00 ea. can NOT ship


Dome lamp lens $15.00 ea.




coming soon Replacement Cabs

    <---   these front end pieces are available now


Decals  and Stripe kits

multi color combinations available , please call for pricing 

Canadian DOT replacement sticker (L door pillar) $25.00 ea.



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